Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I'm not going to visit Dakota Guy.  Long story short, he's not emotionally ready for anything.  I totally understand and want him to get better.  We decided that when he is ready, if we're both still single we'll give it a shot.  But I told him I wouldn't be waiting.  Honestly though, chances are I'll be single until then.  Because men fucking suck.  Not him, but others.  And here's why...

This morning I got a FB notification of the birthday of the first guy I went out with after my separation five years ago.  I had no business starting to date back then because I was an emotional wreck, but I wanted attention from a man, and he was interested.  This guy was a college professor, and we had one nice date.  He decided living an hour apart was too much, so we didn't see each other again.  Through the years we've said passing hellos on FB and a few years ago set up a date that never happened for one reason or another.

So I wished him a happy birthday today, not expecting anything back.  He promptly messaged me with "Thank you, pretty lady."  I got all excited like, oh yeah, he's still interested.  We chatted a few times back and forth with pleasantries and how have you beens.  He said he was working today, and I replied that I hoped he had some fun tonight.

Then he fucking said... "Maybe you should send the birthday boy a naughty pic... that would make the evening fun!"  Fuck you, dude.  Seriously?!

I am really not looking forward to starting to date again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

He Said Yes

Three and a half weeks ago Dakota Guy said yes to my question.  He said he ultimately wants to settle down and have a family and that he would like for me to visit to see if there's anything between us.  I told him I needed it to be in the next month or two and got all excited to book a flight.

Two and a half weeks ago I asked if he'd checked his work schedule for the best time to visit.  He said he hadn't yet.  I'm the kind of person that when I decide to do something, I'm full speed ahead to get some plans made.  That being said, I freaked out that maybe he wasn't as interested in all this as I am.  I voiced my concerns, and he said that he's really having a tough time with some personal problems (which we had talked about the week before, and I totally understand) and asked me to give him some time.  Which I said I would do.

A week and a half ago I gently brought it up again, and he asked me to please continue being patient with him.  I told him mid-May was probably the latest I could do (vacation timing wise with work), and he said May would be better than April.  So, in theory, next month sometime I'll be flying out to see him.

With any other guy, I'm pretty sure I'd be thinking he was leading me on or blowing me off, or whatever.  But with him... it's different.  I've known him for so long, and we've been talking pretty much every day for almost a year now.  It's weird to feel so close to this guy I haven't actually seen in person in probably twelve years.

I really hope this trip happens.