Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Things

Lately my blog has just become a place to vent.  All I do really is list the problems I have.  There really are a lot of positive things too, especially with him.  He works hard and is a good guy.  He keeps me laughing and keeps me on my toes.  He's the biggest nerd, and I love it.  He's very tech savvy and also a fantastic handyman.  I think he can fix just about anything.  Never really wanting furry pets, he's made a huge effort with mine and his patience with them is growing.  Things between us now are very good.  We're still learning about each other and we're meshing well.

Work is good, and my boss is working on getting me a raise.  My pets are healthy, although spastic still.  I hang out with friends on a regular basis and am working on connecting with some ones I haven't seen in awhile.  I'm going to be an auntie again in a few months and I get to see my best friend, the mom-to-be, soon.  I think it's going to be a boy, but I dreamed last night that it's a girl.  I guess we'll see next weekend at the "gender reveal party".

Overall, life is really good.  I do tend to get down about a lot, but it's good to stop and realize just how much I do have going for me.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

No rocking chairs, I guess.

The boyfriend's bearded dragon died yesterday.  He'd gotten him as a baby and had him for thirteen years.  Understandably, he was upset, but he seemed more upset by the fact that it bothered him so much.  Such a proud man.  He said that he gets in rare form when he's upset, and he did say something that's kind of been bothering me.

He mentioned how his step-father probably doesn't have much longer to live and that his mother probably wouldn't be too upset when he passed.  That absolutely shocked me.  He said they'd been sleeping in different rooms for years.  After talking more, he said that's how he viewed lives of older couples... that eventually they just get sick and tired of each other.  So I asked him, "You don't think that love can last forever?"  He said he did, but didn't really have much to say passed that.  I didn't want to come out and say, "So you think that's how we'd end up?" being only four months into our relationship and all, but he could tell that I was off after that.

I'm still off.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IUD as Cancer Treatment

I read on FB that a friend of mine from back in the early elementary days was doing just that.  She was diagnosed with PCOS then underwent a D&C.  I guess they sent that off for testing and found out she had early stage uterine cancer.  Her doctor then decided that giving her an IUD would help to treat it.  That absolutely floored me.  It seems crazy that a birth control device could treat cancer.  Then I looked into it and read that some studies have found the progesterone in it to be effective treatment in some cases.  Crazy!  Unfortunately it didn't work for my friend.  She now has stage two, and last I heard she may be having a hysterectomy.  Breaks my heart.  She's my age and I know she wants to have children.

Speaking of children and Facebook (kinda)... I deactivated my account yesterday.  Night before last I found this website that currently for Google Chrome users can scan your news feed for certain key words and replace pictures of babies with cats or other things.  I thought it was hilarious and something that I would use if it became available for my web browser.  I posted a link to in on FB, and probably my best friend in town here (a mother though) had to make a snarky remark.  It kinda hurt my feelings.  She more than anyone else should understand why I wouldn't want to see pictures of other peoples' babies all over my news feed.  

Anyways, it got me thinking.  All I've seen on FB lately is worthless stuff.  People haven't been posting about their lives (well, other than their babies), and I really haven't been getting much out of it lately other than stress from all the drama.  So I got rid of it.  I'm hoping permanently.  They make it so easy to go back though, so if I go into withdrawals or something I can find comfort in the fact that my page and friends are still there exactly the way I left them.

So far so good though.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three Weeks!

Wow!  Once again, crazy long time.  How ya been?

Lots has been going on since we last spoke.  Broke up with the boyfriend and got back with the boyfriend after an entire night of talking it all out.  I jumped the gun a little there... I'm not the best at verbal communication.  We're doing really well now though.  It's kinda been like when we first got together again, which has been very nice.  I'm working on talking about things, and he's been trying to open up more too.

Took a lovely vacation with the boyfriend last week and saw NYC for the first time.  So many people said it would be overwhelming for me, but it really wasn't.  It seemed like any other city, and I guess I just wasn't that impressed.  Guess I like being a country girl.  Everyone said my feet would be dead by the end of the day too because I was walking through the city in flip-flops... don't they know I'd be barefoot all the time if I could?  But when I can't be, flip-flops can take me anywhere!

The rest of our time was spent in New Jersey, a state I had never wished to visit.  But we were in the northern mountainous part of it which was really lovely.  We stayed with a couple of his friends who are trendy hippies, kinda.  Of course I loved them!  They had a huge party one night, and I met a bunch of great people.  Met his sister and four nieces... they were pretty wonderful too.

I've ventured into the world of selling on eBay!  I've been buying for years, but never took the leap to sell.  It's actually been pretty fun.  I started with the Litter Kwitter and am now selling books and jewelry.  A good way to make a little bit of extra cash.  Which I totally need!  My "transfer your balances and get no interest for 12 months!" credit card is now in its 13th month, and the interest alone is over $100 a month!  Eeeeeek!  I thought for sure I would have made a bigger dent in my debt by now, but it just hasn't worked out that way.  I did pay off my car a couple of months ago though, so yay!  But... doctor bills, moving expenses, bigger utility bills due to more square footage... it all adds up, and I'm still in the negative each month.  Something's gotta give.

Still trying to sell my old engagement ring.  If I could, it would take away almost all the money stress.  It's been on eBay and all over the web for months, but no takers yet.  Had one offer, but it was crazy low, and I just couldn't do it.  Hopefully another one will come soon.

Okay, that's enough catching up for now I suppose.  I promise it won't be three weeks again next time!