Saturday, August 20, 2016

On Guard

Two months since I've written.  So hard to believe, but... I believe it.  Life was hard for a little while, and I brought it on myself.  As so many stories start out lately... I met this guy.

He was not Mr. Right, but I wanted to give it time to see if he could be because at first (of course) he seemed like almost everything I've been looking for.  During the month we were together we hung out all the time and even took a weekend trip together.  He fell really hard pretty quickly, and I... didn't.  The magic just wasn't there.

Then because of some events from his past that came up and some ways he began to act towards me, I started to wonder if he was legitimately fully sane and became scared about breaking things off.  I knew I needed to before he fell further (and I really should have a lot earlier), but I was kind of frightened of what he might do.  I did it in a very public place for safety.  Drama ensued for two days after, and now, three weeks later, I'm still on guard.

He tried to scare me into getting back together with him.  It was only over texts, but I was nervous.  Enough to call the police.  I've never encountered anyone who would do something like that before, and I was scared for a while.  I bought pepper spray for the first time in my life.  I turned the surveillance system in my house back on.  I kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if anyone was following me as I drove.  Paranoid much?

I still am on guard, but I keep telling myself he wouldn't do anything now.  Because really all he did was text me.  But I know he's going to be working in town sometime soon (he lives about an hour away), and I keep wondering.  You just never know if someone truly does have some sort of mental illness, and something in me just can't let it go yet. 

Reading back over this, it seems so stupid.  But I've just never felt like this before and I hate it.  I'm so ready to move on and feel fully safe again.  I've debated writing about this for awhile now because I'm weird like that.  (What if he somehow finds my totally anonymous blog?  What if he found it on my computer the two minutes he was alone in my room?  And many more...)  But I'm hoping it'll help me get over it as writing about my troubles oftentimes seems to do.

Also I've become lactose intolerant in the past few weeks.  That really fucking sucks too.