Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sad Day

A former coworker died this morning.  He'd been sick for years and hadn't worked the past few months.  He was one of our vets and so loved all the animals.  He did so much for all of them.  I had worked with him for many years, and we talked in passing, but I didn't really know much about him.  He didn't open up to a whole lot of people.  He'd had a rough life and didn't deserve to be so sick for such a long time.  He will be missed.  :'(

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Space Filler

Today's been good!  Got to sleep in and relax this morning.  The roommate had a fella visiting from across the country the past few days.  He and I visited her at work today (she's a server and at very nice restaurant, and he treated me to lunch!) and then I took him to the airport so he could reluctantly fly home.  He's quite smitten with my roommate.  After that I was supposed to go shopping with a friend to help her pick out jewelry that compliments her gorgeous dress for the Marine Corps ball, but she was sick, so I went back home and took a nap.  What a bum I am.

Now I'm about to drag out my luggage for my trip Friday.  Visiting a "sister" and her hubs in Raleigh that night, then to Charlotte for a concert and visiting another "sister" and her hubs and baby over the weekend.  Back to Raleigh for Monday night, then home Tuesday for relaxing the rest of my week of vacation!

My local "sister" is due to have her baby any time now, and I'm hoping the little one will wait until I'm back home.  You know, because that fits my schedule better.  I told her if she goes into labor Saturday, I will probably have been drinking and will have to wait a few hours before I can head back.  I'd really hate to miss that concert (I've been wanting to see this guy for years!), but I would for her.  If the baby waits until after I go back to work, that could be tricky too.  I'll be on call for jury duty about an hour away for two weeks starting the week after vaca.  Fun.  So yeah, I hope the baby makes her appearance sometime from next Tuesday to Sunday.  But no pressure.

The boy and I are still perfect.  We hung out this weekend and had a great time.  He's puppy sitting while I'm away, and I'm taking my pooch over to his place tomorrow evening.  I get so excited to see him.  We text and talk every day, and every time something funny or interesting happens I want to tell him right away.  I'm pretty smitten with him.

That's all for now.  Hoping this weekend will give me more to write about.

Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Back On!

So, big news.  Y'all are gonna think I'm crazy, but I'm really happy about it... the ex-boyfriend and I are back together!  We've been hanging out every weekend since we split up and actually getting to know each other better than when we lived together.  We've talked so much more and have been more affectionate.

He actually was the one to start the conversation this weekend.  We talked for about two hours about absolutely everything between us, every issue we've had since the beginning of the relationship.  We talked about what we both want out of the future and how we can accomplish it all together.

He said how all this time being not officially together has made him realize how much he really appreciates me.  He acknowledged and took total blame for being unaffectionate before and likes how we are now.  He's turning into the man I've been wanting.

We both said that we love each other and don't want to be without each other. We click so well and just get each other so much better.  We know each others personalities, and he can read me like no one else now.  And that feeling of absolute love that I'd only felt with the ex-husband and had been so hoping for again... it's there now.  Ever since we talked, I feel so much closer to him and I have no doubts about being with him.

He just might turn out to be the one after all.  

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Party and Tattoo Night

Last night was pretty fabulous and much needed.  It started with a gathering of coworkers at our favorite Mexican restaurant for "staff meetings".  We ate and chatted.  Most of us have tattoos, and the most uptight one among us expressed an interest in getting her first one.  And so a plan immediately developed that several of us would head over to a tattoo shop after dinner and help her pick one out.  She insisted she wouldn't get one right then, but the rest of us wanted to and hoped she would join in.

After telling the waiter at the restaurant we were also celebrating our manager's birthday, he brought her out a shot of tequila, and she was ready to go!  Just this past year she's gotten her first two tattoos and was the biggest instigator of last night's plan.  After many pictures, hugs and goodbyes five of us headed to the tattoo shop.

Big boss lady stayed with the tattoo virgin to make sure she didn't run away while I found out if they could work on us that night.  We hung out exploring options while waiting for our turn.  Three of us already knew what we wanted, but one girl didn't have her ID so couldn't get done.  The virgin found one she really liked but couldn't decide on placement (that's the story anyway).  So she stuck to her guns and hauled ass out of there.  The boss knew what she wanted, but it needed to be reworked some and couldn't be done last night.

So two of us got tattoos.  She and I have worked together for many years and are pretty close.  We'd been talking about getting one together for a long time.  She went first and took it like a champ.  The tattoo artist was wonderful and we all shared a smoke break before he started on me.  He drew on what I told him I wanted, and after a few adjustments, he got started.  I got an addition to my back, this being the fourth session on it.

Each piece is in the same style, but a little different.  I love how each one holds certain memories and reminds me of different parts of my life.  The first I got when I bought my first house.  The second I got with the ex-husband.  The third I got with my awesome roommate.  And this one I got with wonderful friends who just happen to be coworkers.

I can't wait for my next addition.